FHT-TL-249-Double Door

FHT-TL-249-Double Door

Product Highlights

Frame304 Stainless Steel
Rotation DirectionA. Bi-Directional
 B. Unidirectional
ControllerAdopt micro-computer controller can
 be programmed according to customer needs
Full Height Turnstile-FHT-TL-249-Double Door
BasicFrame304 Stainless steel
 Rotation DirectionA. Bi-Directional, B. Unidirectional
 ControllerAdopt micro-computer controller can
  be programmed according to customer needs
 InterfaceStandard input and output interfaces can
  be used for other integration systems
 Signal Source1. Dry contact
  2. High-low-level signals
 Roller working PowerAC220V±10%
 No of arm4
 Section Version90 degree
Power SupplyPower SupplyAC220V±10% , DC24V3A±10% , DC12V3A±10%
 EnvironmentIndoor/Out door
 Temperature-30℃ to 80℃
 Humidity5%  to 90%
 Switching Time1s
 Traffic Speed25 person per Minute
 Fault StatusPower-safe and Giving a free exit/entry path
 Movement failure rate500 million trouble-free
 Frame ProtectionWaterproof Seal
 Card Reader Location4
 Installation and maintenance portal1
Optional FeatureOptional FeatureIC/ID reader, Barcode Reader,
  other R/W equipment, UPS, Infrared detector
FHT-TL-249-Double Door Catalogue


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