SILK ID Sensor

SILK ID Sensor

Product Highlights

Fingerprint Capacity2000
Flash Memory8MB
Communication Interface232-TTL/USB
Technical Specification
Storage CapacityFingerprint Capacity2000
 Flash Memory8MB
 Communication Interface232-TTL/USB
 Sensor500 DPI Optical Sensor
 Template Size<2048 Bytes
 Image Capture Area15.24x20.32mm (FAP20)
 Image Size(px)300x400
 Finger Rotation360o
 Supply Voltage5V-250mA scanning
  5V-25mA idle (Waiting for Fingerprint)
 Dimensions36.2x44.2x15.85mm (LxWxH)
 Optional FeatureAnti fake within limit
 Easy Integration by smallest size without any extra accessories
 Durable glass touch surface
 Stable operation under strong light source
 Quick recognition of dry, wet and rough fingers


SILK ID Sensor Catalogue


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