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eSSL Video Door Phone gives you the authority to decide who is allowed in and who is not. No need to answer the doorbell all at the press of a button, without having to walk up to the door. Reserve the right to know your visitor before you let him in. You can be convinced that who is at your door by interacting through the Video Door Phone 

Technical Specification
Indoor UnitModel            eSSL A4-E8BC Indoor Unit
Audio/VisualScreen7” colour LCD
 Call time90s
 Talk/Monitor Time60s
 Ringtone9 chord ringtones
Installation RequirementsDimensions(W×H×D)223mm×138mm×29.4mm
 Cable Length≤ 50m – AWG20; ≤ 100m – AWG18
 Connection4 wires (polarity)
 InstallationSurface Mount
CommunicationCommunicationHands free
Power & EnvironmentInput PowerDC13.5V
 Consumption< 1.5W (standby); < 15W(working)
 Ambient Temperature0~+40°C
Outdoor UnitModel eSSL A4-M1ACMMS Outdoor Unit
CameraCamera1/3” color CMOS
 Minimum Illumination1 LUX (W/IR LED F1.2)
PowerInput VoltageDC 13.5V (Fed by Indoor Phone)
AudioCall ToneRing twice; same as the ringtone of Indoor Phone connected
CommunicationCommunicationHands free
 Ambient Temperature-10°C ~ +45°C
Installation requirementsInstalling MeansSurface Mount
 Dimensions (WxHxD)112.3 x 171.8 x 36.6 mm
 Connection4 wires (Polarized)
-7" Colour LCD Screen
-Touch Intuitive
-Enables Two way communication
-Unlocks the electric lock on recognizing the visitor
-Choose from 9 different Ringtones
-Advanced Night Vision Camera
-Supports  2  Out Doors Unit with 5 Indoor Unit


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